Evil Enterprise – Tomorrow 

If you are a sucker for energetic rap music and melodic R&B vibes, Evil Enteprise will certainly capture your imagination with “Tomorrow”, the new, exciting single. Evil Enterprise’s new song is a stunning studio production that immediately stands out for its massive low-end and impactful vocal hooks. The first thing that you’ll notice is definitely the accomplished production value. This track feels powerful and multi-dimensional, with a really balanced low end, expertly bringing a lot of weight to the mix. In addition to that, the mid-range is warm, but never harsh, and the high range of the frequency spectrum has a very open and crisp sound, which gives the music a very polished feel. Sure, production is not everything, but in this case, it really adds an extra spice to this track, because it allows the beautiful vocal melodies to really shine through, earning their rightful spot at the absolute forefront of this tasteful mix.

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This single will also be featured on the artist’s new album, “Psychological Warfare”, out on 6ft. Underground Records!

Find out more about Evil Enterprise, and do not miss out on “Tomorrow” and other juicy releases from this talented artist:

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