Evil Enterprise is a rap group, releasing music through the 6ft. Underground record label that consists of many collaborators, such as EPTX, Codeine and White Devil, who also serves as a producer, and they are bringing some action to the table with their powerful delivery and catchy lyrics.

Evil Enterprise is full of aggressive lyrics and unapologetic references to Chicano culture and gangster lifestyle on their music, as well as classic style beats that make you remember old-school rap. With so many contributors, their music is diverse and fresh on lyrics, sounds and feel, as projects like this are unlikely to come by nowadays in the underground independent music scene, much less in mainstream media, but Evil Enterprise has all it takes to become a soaring venture, shall they continue to add new voices and producers or stay with a roster as they have it now, there’s the potential of catapulting themselves out there and giving the Hip-Hop and Rap mainstream community the breath of fresh air they need to save themselves from the wave of genres drowning them in the form of experimental features and genre mixing.

These guys are not new to music either, their first album “Instruments of Death” was released previously, with hard-hitting songs and great lyrics and mixing, and now, Evil Enterprise is ready to drop their second album “Psychological Warfare”, which will have several released singles, starting with “Fuck Life”, with interesting layered sounds and vocals and full heavy and menacing lyrics about their lifestyle and experiences. True, straight forward lyrics without any unnecessary fluff on top of a hard-hitting beat that makes the talents of the performers shine, and even Spanish lyrics to fit the mood and rhythm, placed here and there to add depth and identity, proving yet again they write from what they live and breathe and nothing is fakery. Another single from “Psychological Warfare”: “Tomorrow”, is a complex, Santana-style guitar-laced, melodic piece very different from “Fuck Life”, and to top it all off, it opens and maintains a catchy chorus to accompany slick rapping throughout the track, a chorus that will prove to be hard to forget. “Tomorrow”, with its more mellow and listener-friendly sound is perfect for the mainstream, where the scene is filled to the brim of melodic singers featuring rappers or the other way around. With its vibes leaning somewhat to the RnB and Hip-Hop side, “Tomorrow” will prove itself to be a shining moment within “Psychological Warfare”

Evil Enterprise will hit us with a 20-track massive record when “Psychological Warfare” drops, and for pure Rap lovers as well as the casual listener, there will be more than enough to choose from among them. Proven themselves to have what it takes to enter the Hip-Hop battlefield, their nest strategy will surely come out victorious.

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